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Le numéro 1 de Wargame Journal est arrivé



Le premier numéro de 100 pages de Wargames Journal vient de sortir avec beaucoup de nouveautés, de review, de scenarii, de guides de peinture, d’opinions divers et bien d’autres choses.


Voici le sommaire que je laisse volontairement en anglais comme présenté sur leur site :

  • The Seven Weeks War, 1866: We have gaming and tactical advice for the Volley & Bayonet rules.

    The Battle of the Nile: As well as the historical background of this battle we provide a set of fast play Napoleonic naval rules.

  • Operation Biting: The first British paratrooper raid ever! Notes on gaming the mission.

  • Brush Strokes: Alain Padfield divulges the secrets of his speed painting techniques.

  • Turks vs Tartars: A linked DBM campaign to re-fight the Ottoman conquest of the Crimea.

  • The Trojan War: Great heroes, epic stories, great fight scenes… this article takes a comprehensive look at the Trojan War of myth with heroic rules for WAB.

  • Ponyri, the Stalingrad of Kursk: A Blitzkrieg Commander scenario.

  • Reviews: Seven pages of reviews including the Kevin Dallimore Painting Guide and FNG, new Vietnam rules by Two hour Wargames.

  • Starship Battles - Simple rules for wargaming futuristic battle cruisers ...think Star Trek... think nice big models!

  • Clubs – Wargames Journal begins its support of the hobby’s gaming clubs.

  • ...plus much more!

  • http://www.wargamesjournal.com/home/index.asp




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