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Voila après avoir vu les comptes rendus sur l'excellent site, de ce jeu de combat aérien sur la seconde guerre mondiale j'ai franchi le pas, achat de la règle et de 10 avions américains et 10 avions allemands (des Raiden Miniatures 1/285).

Le temps de les peindre et de comprendre la règle je ferais un petit compte rendu de ce jeu.


  • SIMPLICITY:   The key design goal for CY6! was to maximize pilot influence and historical accuracy while keeping the game relatively easy to play. Since players plot moves simultaneously, the game can easily accommodate large numbers of aircraft by increasing the number of players. All of the key game charts are on two sides of one 8x11" chart.

  • TURNS  Turns are plotted in advance (similar to the old Blue Max system), so large games are possible; at Cold Wars 2006, one game with 12 players and completed it in less than 2 hours.

  • PILOT SKILL:   CY6! has four pilot skills, +0 (Green), +1 (Skilled), +2 (Veteran) and +3 (Ace). Pilot skill is critical to success. In CY6! players will quickly find out that if one is inexperienced one should avoid enemy aces at all costs! Pilot skill is the most important aspect in the game (a factor lacking in a surprising number of air games). CY6! truly reflects the words of Chuck Yeager, "It is the man, not the machine."

  • SCALE Any scale models may be used. CY6! was playtested with 1/600, 1/144, 1/300 and 1/72 aircraft.

  • WEAPONS Weapons types are: LMG/MMG, HMG, Low-Velocity Cannon, Modern Cannon, Low-Velocity Heavy Cannon and Heavy Cannon. Heavy Cannon may be modified by Low, Very Low and Extremely Low rate of fire.

  • AIRCRAFT Aircraft have two sets of attributes, one for low-med altitude and one for high (20,000ft +) altitude. Attributes are: Maneuver, Max Speed, Agility, Climb/Dive, Acceleration and Robustness.

  • MOVEMENT:  Movement is handled via hexes and maneuver charts illustrating possible maneuvers for each speed level. The game features 3D maneuvers and has several Operational Altitude Bands (CABs); within each is six Tactical Altitude Levels (TAL).

  • COVERAGE:  Basic rules will cover aircraft combat from 1925-1947 and will include rules for early jet aircraft (Korean War supplement will be released at a later date). All statistics for key aircraft of the Axis and Allied powers will be included with the CY6! rule book.

  • SCENARIOS:  Several scenario books will be released with the rules. The first scenario book will focus on the Battle of Britain; later books will focus on the air battles over North Africa and Sicily, and Guadalcanal.

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Thierry 01/12/2009 16:40

Salut Christophe,

arrivé à la même conclusion...
j'ai acheté la règle et le battle set 2 sur le guerre d'hiver 1940 russo-finlandaise...
pourquoi pas des parties si vous organisez une rencontre à Troyes ?

Thierry, toujours aussi fan pour jouer en Hiver ;-)

spock 23/11/2009 11:45

salut Christophe
je vois que nous avons les même envie, j'attends avec impatience ton retour du jeux, et si tu as une traduction pense à moi car moi et l'anglais ça fait deux