wargames journal 3

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Voici le dernier numéro de wargames journal

  • The Legend of Arthur – The most famous king that never was gets the WJ treatment with this in-depth report for WAB!
  • Napoleon in Egypt – One of the famous Frenchman’s least well known, and indeed least successful, expeditions.
  • Orcs on the Wall – Normally it’s the Orcs attacking the walls but this time we switch the sides and see a combined force of Rohirrim and Gondorians breach the walled defences.
  • Starship Battles: Part 2 – The conclusion to our starship rules from issue 1 delivers all you need to know if you want to build - and captain - your own spaceships.
  • Punch Out – A WWII Ardennes scenario presented for the new NUTS! rules from Two Hour Wargames. German Panzergrenadiers clash with US paras over the frozen ground.
  • Circus Maximus – fast play chariot rules. If Ben Hur could do it… so can you!
  • Caesar’s Bloody Nose – He didn’t win all of his battles. Here Pompey dishes out some food for thought at Dyrrachium as Caesar’s veterans exit the battlefield.
  • Konniggratz – The final part of our look at the Seven Weeks War delivers a scenario for one of the largest battles ever fought on European soil with over 200,000 men on each side slugging it out.
  • Brush Strokes – A guide to painting the new Vostroyan Troopers from GW.
  • Modelling Workshop – Our new sculptor Dave Lewis runs you through the world of Green Stuff as he announces a new series of articles, giving a new meaning to rolling your own.
  • First Blood – Nothing to do with Rambo this one. Was Granicus Alexander's first loss on Persian soil? Warmaster, DBA and WAB stats.
  • Over the Rhine – A different look at the Arnhem campaign of WWII as US paratroopers help the Brit paras escape over the Rhine. Presented for Flames of War.
  • Reviews – We look at the new Flames of War rulebook, 6mm War of the Roses minis from Baccus, GW’s Skull pass boxed set, Warhammer 7th Edition, 28mm Byzantine Arabs from Musketeer Miniatures, and more.
  • Plus much, much more…

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