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 Voici le second supplément pour l'excellente règle Seconde Guerre Mondiale, Rules of Engagement.

This sourcebook allows players to introduce a strategic level to their WWII gaming. Taking control of company sized formations on the campaign map, sides compete to accomplish objectives set by the upper echelons of their commands.

Designed for multiple players using the “Rules of Engagement” tabletop wargame, this addition will encourage gamers to carefully consider every turn within a game of RoE, any poor discission at platoon level could cost the campaign!

Campaign rules provide all that is needed to play including map generation, terrain features, supply lines, tactical reserves, resolving casualties and special rules such as railheads, para drops, airstrikes and the random fortunes of war!! Also includes the sample historical scenario, “The Defence of St. Vith”.

Operations & Objectives is easily convertible for use with any system, from ancients to sci-fi.

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