Polonais 1939

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Pithead Miniatures va sortir en 10mm une armée que l'on ne voit pas souvent sur les tables de jeu.

Pithead Miniatures has annouced the release of a new line of 10mm WW2 policy figures. These item will be on the Pithead website in the next few days. The releases include:

  • Wz 29 armoured car
  • Wz 34 armoured car
  • 7TP-A 6-ton tank
  • 7TP-B 6-ton tank
  • 3-ton Ursus truck
  • Vickers/ Ursus VAU 33 6-ton tank
  • TkS Tankette
  • Tk3 Tankette
  • C2P light artillery tractor and crew
  • Renault R35 tank

Infantry and support weapons as well as other Polish vehicles will follow early next year. Also in the works is a small range of Hungarians and Romanians.

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